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Introducing Ferguson Golf

Hello golfers! I'm Allan McAllister Ferguson and I've helped thousands of golfers make affordable trips to Scotland. Between 2000 and 2013 I operated as full-service travel planner. In 2014 I started working only on an hourly consulting basis for those who have the time and inclination to make their own tee times and other reservations. It's not hard. As they say, "It ain't rocket science"—especially if you have my guidebook to pave the way.

There are basically two ways to make a golf trip to Scotland or Ireland: (1) you can buy an overpriced "package" full of hidden costs from an agency or (2) you can achieve cost transparency by hiring a fee-based consultant like me and/or executing your own trip. In either of these latter cases, you will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

If you like having a hand in planning your own trips . . . if you're an independent traveler . . . if you want to meet the Scots and get to know their country . . . if you value your hard-earned dollars . . . then I encourage you to avoid the tour operators and read on!

How Ferguson Golf Works

You'll find details on how I work below, but here's the "bottom line" at the top. Like any good professional, I can help you save time and money. I've done the traveling. I've played the courses. I've read the books. I've written the bible on Scottish golf travel. I've spent thousands of hours on the internet. Engaging me as a consultant is like engaging the services of an accountant or attorney. My knowledge will save your time and money. I do that by (a) asking the right questions of you and by (b) providing information responsive to your answers

Details on My Fee Structure - I work on an hourly basis at $100/hr.  FAQ - Normally I do not spend more than two hours consulting on a trip. That much time would include (1) phone consultation, (2) a draft itinerary or review of an existing itinerary, (3) course-lodging-transportation recommendations with contact information, (4) sightseeing and other nongolf recommendations.

What does that mean to you?  First, it means an outlay rarely more than $200. Second, it means I have absolutely no incentive to put you in luxury accommodations and expensive golf courses unless that's what you want.  I do not benefit as you spend more money. Most important, when you plan an independent trip it means you know your costs every step of the way. Nothing is hidden in a "package price." No non-golfer rip-offs! Ferguson Golf truly takes the flim-flam out of the golf travel business.

Twilight Special: $60.  If you are considering a tour package, I'll run a cost analysis for you and suggest changes. This service includes a copy of my book, Golf in Scotland: A Travel-Planning Guide with Profiles of 74 Great Courses. You must provide precise information regarding courses and accommodations so that I can give you an "apples to apples" analysis.

Here's My Guarantee - I guarantee this: When you plan a golf trip with assistance from Ferguson Golf, you will save the cost of my consulting fee in good advice and cost-saving strategies. More important, you'll have a better, more enjoyable trip than anything offered by a tour operator. That's because the trip truly will be yours. After your trip, if you think I haven't made good on this guarantee, you can have your money back—no "ifs," "ands," or "buts." No fine print; just complete satisfaction.

To see how I can help you save money, see my "Analysis of a Tour Offering"

The Personal Touch of Ferguson Golf

I work with all my clients one-on-one. I am the "staff." When you call my office, I answer the phone or return your call.  I'm available on weekends and evenings.

It may be old fashioned, but planning a personalized golf experience with me is just that—personalized. It's the way you work with an investment counselor or an attorney:  (1) you provide information, then (2) I provide information, then (3) you and I talk about the information and arrive at informed decisions.


Contact Ferguson Golf

   Let's talk about your trip!  Call me at


Send your e-mail to aferguson@fergusongolf.com


"A solid '10.' The trip exceeded our expectations thanks to your expert guidance."—Sandy Gelrod, Annapolis MD

"Thanks for debunking the myths about needing a tour company to do a first-rate trip to Scotland . . . . By my calculation we saved over $4,600."—Winfield Smathers, Pittsburgh PA

"Easy and professional to work with."—Scott Trethaway, Clemmons NC

"We got a full Scottish golf experience without paying top dollar."—Dr. Shital Patel, Corona CA

"We experienced Scotland's east coast for a fraction of what the tour operators charge . . . . Now, can you help me putt the Cruden Bay greens?"—Jim Roeder, Appleton WI

"Everywhere we went people knew Allan Ferguson. It was great!!"—Jay Martin, Dublin OH

"We saw the tour buses everywhere and we enjoyed our trip all the more knowing that with the money we saved we could spend two extra days, eat well, hire caddies, and still come out ahead."—Chris Abernethy, Allison Park PA

"The $1,400 per man we saved with Ferguson Golf paid for our airfare plus most of the caddies!"—Lee Van Dyke, Brentwood TN

Join the family of satisfied Ferguson Golf clients. If you like my approach to travel, call me today at 1-303-722-3441


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