" Allan Ferguson is the Rick Steves of Scottish golf travel."
—Doug Cruce, Williamston MI

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Here's How to Book a Time on St. Andrews' Old Course - For 2021 bookings, click here for information.


 Welcome to the Ferguson Golf website!  If you are planning a golf trip to Scotland, this site can save you time and money. Before buying an expensive "package tour," STOP long enough to educate yourself.  


I first went to Scotland in 1998. That's when I fell in love with the golf courses, the country, and the people. Over the next few years I returned twice a year and wrote my first guidebook, Golf in Scotland: A Travel-Planning guide with Profiles of 60 Great Courses, in 2001. As the years went by, after many more trips and updated editions, the number of courses grew to seventy-four.

Until 2015 I worked as a trip planner, doing everything "on the ground" for golfers going to Scotland—transportation, lodging, and tee times. I came to know Scotland better than most Scots.

Since 2015 I have worked as a consultant, primarily for clients willing to do the booking themselves.

Currently my work in Scotland is limited to consulting, booking transportation (see Rental Cars), and giving free advice through this website.

In the following pages you will find my Basic Advice, Recommended Itineraries, and Links to Planning Websites. In the courses and lodging section, I give you choices in "value for money"—some of my favorites that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

 Frankly, the best $25 you spend on your trip will be on the revised 4th edition of my guidebook, GOLF IN SCOTLAND: A TRAVEL-PLANNING GUIDE WITH  PROFILES OF 74 GREAT COURSES. Order from www.amazon.com.  The book is also available in electronic format at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Like Rick Steves, I encourage you to be an independent traveler. With that, I suggest you read the Basics page first. Then, if you agree with my approach to golf in Scotland, go to the Itineraries page for much more detail. The Links page will help you follow through with planning detail.



 To learn more about my guidebook, see the Book Page. It's the "bible" of Scottish Golf Travel. Golf in Scotland: A Travel-Planning Guide . . . is designed to make you the expert and save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on your trip to the Home of Golf!

• when to go

• where to go

• the best places to stay

eight ways to get a tee time on St. Andrews Old Course

• thirteen itineraries—five under $2,000

• over 200 websites for planning


"I urge you to make this book your travel companion. It is comprehensive, thoughtful, and, in literal truth, invaluable."—the late James Finegan, author of Where Golf is Great, Blasted Heaths and Blessed Greens, and many more.


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